Power – Water = Bongo

It’s interesting walking or driving leisurely along the streets of Bongo land in the evenings.  As you strode by, you will hear loud cheers out of nowhere, “yeaaah!  Weeee!!”  No, it’s not a soccer, basketball, rugby or any sport whatsoever cheer, ati it’s power cheer.  And not JK power either.  What power you ask – I will get to that shortly.   Some families even celebrate with fire works!  Kweli sitanii!  I just moved into a new neighbourhood, last night as I was getting home I saw fireworks.  I had to stop and ask what the celebrations are.  I was told it was a count down.

             “Huh?  Count down?”  I quickly asked the little people in my head if I had forgotten the dates again.  No, it wasn’t a new year yet, they assured me.

             “We are counting down to power.”

             “Huh?”  At that point even my little people who claim to be smarter than Einstein were flabbergastered.  “Okay, so JK has a new cabinetry, is this a celebration to that?”

             “It’s not new,” one of the little people argued.  “It’s more mtumba than anything.” 

            “Yeah, mtumba cabinetry.  Going from one hand, erm, ministry to another,” another little person in my head added.

             “After being used hapa, akichokwa au once they realize hawafai, they get reshuffled.  Mtumba!”  They were actually in agreement.  What a surprise – a worrying one even.  So it wasn’t about JK’s mtumba cabinetry.  So what were the fireworks about?

             “TANESCO!”  The neighbour replied.

             “You mean we are finally going to have power back 24/7!”  I replied happily as I rushed to the nearest firework, wanting to light one too.

             “No!”  She laughed.  “We are counting down to TANESCO restoring power.” 

My shoulders slumped.  It has now come to this.  Kiruu jamani!  While everybody is cursing, watering holes are making buckets.  Before the watering holes were busy in the evenings as that’s were the wafanyakazi loitered in their suits and briefcases while waiting for traffic to cool down.  Si unajua just how tight our Bongo roads are. 

With our economy, one wonders where we get all the money from, manake the roads are jam packed with cars! Sasa every mwananchi who has pocket change loiters around a watering hole – kwani whatelse is there to do when waiting for power to be restored – that is if, the drinks they serve are chilled enough.  With no power – go figure how that will be done.  Kweli, we have become the land of darkness. A good friend reckons that the population will double – for those with no pocket change – the only thing that is left for them to do is to play mchezo wa baba na mama.  Imagine getting busy in that heat with all the mosquitoes hovering on your butt.  Jamani!  It’s not a pretty picture!  Uwiii!  But I feel for those babies that will be born – no water, no power.  Vitatoka vichafu with rashes mpaka kwenye kopeUwiii!!! 

Another mwananchi cooked pilau and invited his fellow wapangaji after getting power after three weeks of total darkness.  Kweli tena!  This was huko viwanja vya you know where! So we have heard all stories imaginable from the SIRIkali.  From generator not being sufficient, Songas, Thai rain maker. the Rich in Diamonds, a.k.a. Richmond and reshuffling of the cabinet.  Yeah, we have heard them all and we are expecting to hear more! The irony is there is now water.  With no water we can’t get power and with no power we can’t get water.  Kwahiyo?  Sasa what do we do jamani!  It’s like we are back to the stone ages!  What happened to ari mpyaLakini mimi sielewi!  Speaking of rain maker, we have all the resources to make rain in Bongo jamani!  Sumbawanga, Shinyanga, Tanga, Iringa – they are there!  Tena not expensive at all!  All they would ask for is a black billy goat with one eye and a red rooster with one ball.  How difficult is it to get that jamani!  Compared to the million of dollars worth of equipments that the sirikali have been buying since 1947 kweusi jamaniA friend suggested that we should stock up on candles.  Manake, I’m sure one would need power to make candles.  Sasa with this total black out that is expected soon, there won’t even be candles.  So people rush out!  One of my little people in my head was suggesting that if we collect all the generators we have in the country, surely they will be able to make that 200 megawatts that is needed.  Ati!  But I still say we should go to Sumbawanga, Shinyanga, Tanga, Iringa – yaani we’d get enough rain for Africa!  Tena at the cost of a billy goat and roaster!  


~ by saharasoulfood on October 20, 2006.

3 Responses to “Power – Water = Bongo”

  1. LOL!!!

    I tell you, I remember those days in Kenya when we used to have scheduled black outs. One night its on in one side of the city the next day its off there and on the other side. The bar hopping that we used to do was just the one. Today we’ll be your end of town tomorrow, you come to ours.

    Now, wacha for the broke asses. What would happen is we’d just cross over to the mama’s house – not our mothers – or she would come over and we would play vigourous wrestling. As my friend D4 would say “Rungu zilisafishwa) LOL!!

    I can see a population increase in Bongo… but thats not a good thing. maybe PSI should increase them trust ads – but who would watch? hamna TV…


  2. Hey thanks for dropping at my place. Do you rmemeber the time there was national power rationing the whole country. I never used to do the Maths assignment in school as I walays told the teacher my eyes were aching from the non elec light.

    Lol @Alkags we can loan them our PSI and creative ads.

  3. I tell you in this darkness watu watafanya mambo yao. Population itakuwa kama ya sisimizi! Jokes aside, we all have our fingers crossed – manake we don’t know what to expect. Most are positive though. To be honest, JK really is trying. We have to give the brotha propos. Lakini sasa anybody would be worried when you can’t see the way forward, si ndio?

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