And The Nightmare Continues … …

So I finally got to Arusha. After a quick warm shower to relax my weary born, I finally go to bed. This was way after two – in the morning jamani! Yes, ule muda wa wanga kufanya shughuli zao, I was still walking the streets, okay, being driven through the streets! I’m sure with my black attire and dreadlocks, kama ningekuwa mitaa ya Uswaz, peeps would have though I was a pea from the same pod! Basi bwana, yaani I was so tired and sore. And when I’m too tired I usually don’t sleep well. After some tossing and turning, the sun started filtering through the curtains and into my room.

          “Darn,” I cursed, for it was morning already. My meeting was at nine.

          “Groan,” I groaned as I attempted to get up. But my body just refused to move.

Finally I got to the site and met with the client, consultants and contractors – my eyes were blood shot red! I looked worse than mnywa gongo! And my sexy outfits I had packed, did not do anything justice! I looked like a hot hag, I tell you. Don’t ask! Nyie acheni tu!! Thank goodness the client, being a tour agent and hotelier was aware of the nightmare I had with ATL, otherwise he would have thought, ‘duuh, main consultant wangu kakesha disco anaogeshwa na pombe nini?’

Anyway, though the site meeting was long, it was quite a success. I tell you msione watu wamejenga, a lot of headache, cursing ad fighting goes into it! Yaani ngumi nyingi mno hutokea! When you see a grown up bawling, believe me hajaachwa! Ni anajenga nyumba! Building can do that to you!  Hivi do all mafundi go to the same school?  Manake they all have the same lines, the same gestures, the same blonde looks, yaani the same everything!  Au ni baba mmoja mama mmoja?  When they say the only fundi wa maana ni kinyozi – schitt is true!

I was so happy to be back to my hotel. “Atleast I will be able to rest after my late lunch, before heading to the airport,” I had thought.

As I was slowly enjoying my pasta dish and a glass of red wine, my phone rang. It was an old friend in Arusha, urging me to join him for a drink.

            “I’m so tired. I really need to rest. And besides, I’m flying back tonight.”

            “I promise you I will drive you to the airport.”

            “Naah. Lets hook up next time.”

            “Come on! By the way, did I mention that I’m rowing?”

            “Rowing?” He knows that I love sight seeing, scenery and water. Watu wengine bwana! Ilikuwa roho mbaya tu! He knew he would get me like that!

            “And the view is amazing!” He added.

When I think about it now, darn it was too easy! In ten minutes I was in my room quickly packing my stuff! Ati just because of an amazing view, I totally forgot about my wish to rest. While others are enticed with material things, mimi all it takes is an amazing view. How sad! Even the little people in my head were ‘tsk-tsking.’

A car was sent for me – and I finally got to my destination. Jamani, the view was amazing! Uwiii!!! A little private place right by some lake. My friend then invited me to go sailing, at first I refused as the dhow did not look quite steady. After some convincing I agreed to go. Yaani, it was heaven on earth! As we sailed away, I felt like I was in paradise – my fatigue totally forgotten. You could see the lake in a different light on a romantic sundowner boat trip which combines a sumptuous sunset with exotic drinks and soothing music in the background. Okay, it was a dhow – which was even more romantic.

            “I think we should now go to the airport,” my friend told me later.

            “No, we still have time. This is so beautiful!”

            “I think we should get going now, my friend told me a few minutes later again.

            “A few more minutes please.”

            “I really think we should go now!” It was almost eight then.

            “Oh my God! Why didn’t you tell me! Let’s go!”

            “I did!”

            “Well, you didn’t stress it hard enough!”

Basi bwana, on the way to the airport my friend was practically flying. Silently I was praying and hoping some miracle to happen – like the time at KIA to freeze. Oh come on, like you have never wished that before when you were in schitt! I have wished for things like the ground to open and swallow whomever I wasn’t wishing well. Yeah, yeah, call me evil! As if you ain’t!

I knew I would need a miracle as none of my charms – and I am blessed with many, ahem – would have saved me on this. Besides I had lots to do in Dar, meaning that another night in Arusha would have ruined a lot of my plans.

Upon reaching the airport’s porte coche, yaani I didn’t even wait for the car to come to a complete stand still. I jumped out as the car was still moving. So you are wondering how I managed to do that with my big African trade mark – yeah, okay sue me, so I do watch a lot of cartoons.

I went past the security with no problem at all. Then when I got to the check-in counter, I flashed my biggest smile and batted my eyelashes. Okay, so it was a woman and she wouldn’t have necessarily have been impressed, but I was desperate, bwana! She asked me where I was heading it, I told her and she gave me a boarding pass after handing her my ticket, a couple of taps on her keyboard and the biggest, warmest smile ever – bidding me a safe trip. I tell you, I froze.

            “Erm, what time is it?” I had to ask. I couldn’t believe that she had not turned me away.

            “Forty five minutes past eight.”

I then looked at the boarding pass and then her — I seriously wanted to ask her, “are you sure?” I mean, the flight was at nine o’clock, I’m this late and –– —-

            “Girl, just slowly walk away and don’t turn around,” one of the people in my head cautioned me.

            “Yeah! Let sleeping dogs sleep!” another chipped in.

            “Run girl!” another urged me!  Watu wengine dhambi!  Wanajua lifting this ATM is more difficult than getting power ya ki-ukweli to Bongo, but bado ati wana-insist nikimbie!  Jamani!

And did I take off! I blew my friend a kiss and proceeded to taking off! When a girl has to run, I tell I can get faster than a Concerde! When I got to the scanner I looked over my shoulder – maybe she will realize her mistake and come after me.

            “Samahani dada, toa jewellery zote.”

            “Nina belly ring, hata nikizitoa italia tu,” that always works. Don’t go trying this stunt now. Ooh hoo! Shauri zenu!

My heavy backpack was suddenly as light as a feather as I flew to the waiting lounge – after going through the scanners. I looked around for the nearest seat to the boarding gates. There. Found it. Quickly I rushed to it and flopped on it! I made it! I couldn’t believe it! By then it was already nine. Then I realized that – of course, I was the sleeping dog – I was let in since the plane had not arrived yet. I had to laugh. Yeah, good old Air Tanzania. I laughed sadly. Then I thought instead of anguishing over the late plane, I should be grateful that I was in.

As I began relaxing, I pulled out a book out of my kiondo basket, and stretched my legs. As I was turning the pages, something touched me. I looked around. There was nobody that near me. I brushed my thoughts away – I had probably imagined it – then went back to my book. Suddenly there is was again. Jamani! I put my book down and looked for that annoying thing that was touching me. Schitt! A roach! I hate wadudu!! I nearly screamed! Then schitt, another one! And another one! My eyes almost popped out of my sockets – as big as they are already – when I realized that I was surrounded na wadudu!  It was a whole army and village of them!  i’m not kidding you!

            “Okay, this is a joke,” I thought, “they are probably shooting a horror movie! Where is the movie crew?” I quickly looked around. Okay, it was not a movie scene.  I promise you there were so many that it looked like a clip from a horror movie.

           “Maybe I’m dreaming! Yes it must be a nightmare!” I then pinched myself. But it hurt like anything. Realizing that the wadudu were real, I almost screamed, “Ooh my God!! Am I the only one who sees this?”

I got up quickly then went to the barman at the waiting lounge’s bar. I didn’t even look back to check if my bags were okay and safe.

           “Wale wadudu!!!” I stammered, pointing at the sea of wadudu.

           “Huh?” I bet he was thinking ‘duuh! Of course wale ni wadudu! Congratulations, you got one right, blondie!’

           “Wadudu!” I was so shocked that I had suddenly lost the ability to form an intelligent sentence.

            “Ndio dada, ni wadudu!”

            “Wengi!!” I know I sounded blonde! Listen wadudu do that to me. I hate wadudu so much they actually freak me out!

            “Ndio dada, ni wengi!”

           “What are you doung about it?” I finally found my speech.


           “They are filthy! They are dirty! There is a question of hygiene and health here! Mnafanya nini?”

           “Sio idara yangu dada.”

           “So you are okay, mnavyowaona hapa. This is supposed to be an international airport! Ain’t you embarrassed?”

            “Mimi ni mfanyakazi tu, dada! Lakini dada, mbona leo ni afadhali sana! Siku nyingine mpaka wanawapandia watu!”

I couldn’t believe it! I talked to a few more staff, but they all acted as if it was actually very much alright to have those annoying pests at the lounge with the passengers; while others claimed it was not their problem so they could not be bothered and others acted as if they were seeing them for the first time. On tip-toes I went back to my seat, careful I don’t step on any of these God’s creature that I hate so much. I then got my camera and started snapping away – while cursing under my breath. A few passengers thought I was crazy. One came to me and also commented on his disappointment and dismay.

            “They get millions a day and they can’t even fumigate!’ He complained! “It is such an embarrassment!”

I don’t know when the plane finally arrived and when we boarded it, I was just so happy to get away from the nightmare that I didn’t care about the time!

I wonder though – if the constant power problem does not have anything to do with the swamp of wadudu at KIA. 


~ by saharasoulfood on November 17, 2006.

One Response to “And The Nightmare Continues … …”

  1. great story! sounds like you had quite an adventorous trip – with the roaches and all.

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