I Want To Divorce My Wife!

I want to divorce my wife
She’s cut my heart with a knife
I feel dead, over is my life

Pour me another shot of gin
I’ll drink myself to a spin
Besides my life is in a bin

Enough don’t think you have had
I know you are down and sad
I too would have been mad

Coz man, that is such a blow
For the madam to go so low
But then how do you know?

This morning home I got
To find on the stove a cold pot
And our bed had been slept on not

Home she never came last night
I called everybody in a fright
So worried that she wasn’t alright

Later she walks in with a grin
So I asked her where she’s been
She says she was with her sister Irene

At Irene’s she wasn’t at all
She never even gave her a call
Lying bitch, this is going to be her fall

To divorce that woman I must
Her ways and lying aren’t just
Her lying our marriage has bust

How could she lie like that
Shamelessly not even an eyelash to bat
For Irene I was shagging at her flat!


~ by saharasoulfood on November 19, 2006.

4 Responses to “I Want To Divorce My Wife!”

  1. I marre you
    you come for my house
    you de cook for me
    na weti you de do?

    Fo se a de go for work
    anjelina go go for cinema!

    A go tell yo papa
    A go tell yo mama
    Weti you de do
    A no go agree

    You won’t control me
    A no go agree
    because I be man
    Let me for control

    A no be fool-oh!

    A no go marre you again
    go for your family
    an mek dem marre you

    All you de wear everyday
    A mi de buy so you can go show anoda man

    I no be fool-oh

    You de go go go go

    – Anjelina by Sweet talks

    What to comment than a few lyrics by sweet talks?

  2. So how my dearest wife does it feel
    Getting a fresh pair of hands to peel
    Of your butt the g-string with skill

    Did your heart skip a beat
    As his lips found your tit
    While his hands worked yo clit

    Or maybe it matters not
    Since the thrill no longer is hot
    As he enjoyed you while on pot

    That’s why yo knocking on my door
    Bread and butter matters pour
    His weed your stomach scour

    Did he pull your strings as I?
    When like a guitar I strum you high
    Into paroxisms of orgasmic sky?

    So now my dearest ex-wife
    Head on back to your new life
    Leave me to deal with this strife

  3. Lol … good ones … I will post a reply to you two … lol … let me go get my creative thinking hat and my muse …

  4. ford san francisco

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