Necessary Noise

I have decided to start another blog … Necessary Noise … where I will be posting all my occasional rantings and ramblings – my necessary noise.  This one – well, I will leave this for the soul talks … lol …

I am therefore going to copy my rants that are here to Necessary Noise – and later on taratibu will delete them from this blog.


~ by saharasoulfood on February 8, 2007.

8 Responses to “Necessary Noise”

  1. I never knew U needed to make some necessary noises!:-)Are U noiziii?.I will follow U whereever u go Sahara Soul , and I am comfortble hapa sebuleni.

  2. @Simon: Ooh, Simon I think I have broken the Guiness WOrld of Records in making noise. Lol. And arguing, I’m told … 😉

  3. @Sahara:Duh!

  4. Wah, kids of nowadays are monsters. Me i can slap someones kid

  5. @Udi: Yaani wee acha tu! I’m now convinced that wana mashetani! Wakaombewe jamani! They should be exorcised! Lol.

  6. Hi all!


  7. Sure nimekubali apart from being noisy………….u made my day (or should i say days)….kaza msuli…

  8. Hehehehe….nimemuonesha my friend BABULAS BONGE yours Necessary Noise page yaani amecheka…yaani mbavu hana…Cheers

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