My First Time

The music is merry and right
The room is shiny and bright
Your kind eyes dance as they smile at me
I am nervous, scared as tense as I can be
You approach me, over me is your big frame
To agree to come myself I start to blame

The earth seems to shake with my fear
My heart beats you can almost hear
My body is numb with such fright
Thinking of you entering where it is so tight
As I lay back my muscles with dread do tighten
The sight of the tool you will use does frighten
I try to look for an excuse to leave
As you refuse to be swayed a sigh I heave
The music is supposed to be soothing
But now in my young ears sounds so brooding
Fast and faster my heart beats also pump
From my mouth my heart will jump

With a warm smile, you ask me if I’m afraid
Bravely I shake my head, nervously toying with a braid
You have had more experience, you calmly say
Finding the right place, your finger does play
You probe deeply and I shiver; my body tenses;
I moan, groan, tears sting, as you bring down my defenses

You are as gentle as you had promised you’d be
Looking deeply within my eyes, my fears you see

Urging me to trust you, you beg me some more
Saying you have done this many times before
I open wider to give you more room for an easy entrance
The pain is so intense I seem to be in a trance

Begging you to hurry I begin to plead
You slowly take your time I can’t stand the deed
Gentle and slow you must be, you say
So not to cause me much pain as you pray
Your gray hair and tobacco smell reminding me of Daddy
To your fatherly figure I then give in gladly

Pressing closer, going deeper, trying to hold you at bay,
Suddenly I feel the tissue rip and give way;
Throughout my little body excruciating pain does surge
I feel the slight trickle of blood as on you urge
You looks at me concerned and asks me if it’s too painful
My eyes filled with tears I try to be as brave as a bull

I shake me head and bravely nod for you to go on
My braids with pink ribbons shake as I tremble and moan
You begin going in and out with such skill
But I am now too numb you within me to feel
I feel something after a while bursting within me

You pull it out of me, I lay panting, glad its over and I’m free

My little body shudders a sigh of relief that its over
Smiling warmly over me your big frame does hover
I have been your most stubborn yet most rewarding experience
You say with a chuckle, sweet stubborn body of brilliance
Straightening my wrinkled school skirt I get up
With a wink, you reward me with a lollipop   





Noisily I lick away at the delicious swirl of sweetness bout
My cute little lips no longer in an annoyed sulking pout
I smile and thank my dear old dentist as I merrily hop out
It was my first time to have a tooth pulled, have no doubt

                    Copyright Sandra A. Mushi . All rights Reserved


~ by saharasoulfood on February 14, 2007.

12 Responses to “My First Time”

  1. I loved it!U had a very skillful dentist:-)

  2. @Simon: dirty old man! Bribing a little girl with a lollipop! … 😉

  3. Thou art wickedly wicked thee…. that was a good one. One question though, which membrane exactly were you talking about? in dental terms i mean? is there one in the oral cavity that i must be missing?

  4. […] finally, Sandra Mushi from Tanzania recalls her First Time: The music is merry and right The room is shiny and bright Your kind eyes dance as they smile at […]

  5. Got here from the global voices link. That’s a cute poem.

  6. Good read girl. You are almost there. Good to know that there are good Tanzanian writers,being a writer myself. I think we can do more than you do in future if we put our heads together. Keeep in touch but that was a good one.

  7. Nicest read! Very creative indeed! What a bribe to lose ‘that’ on!

  8. Thank you all, please visit for more of my poetry.

  9. sandra that poem is wickedest and the most frankest of em all…damn gal that makes me have one wicked mind indeed—-pheeew!!! thank God it was the dentist!!!

  10. Sandra, what a lovely poem…I like the obvously missleading approach…am sure all who read it think waht I thought before arriving at the fional verse…quite artistic!!

  11. Creativity at it’s best. . .

  12. good stuff…love it!

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