There Is Hope

There is still hope I must tell you.  The kids I run into these days make every hair on my body stand, lakini there is hope.  While some parents are appease their spoilt brats in the name of uzungu, others are doing otherwise.  A sister and a good friend has been blessed two beautiful kids.  Kids being kids – the first born, a four year old boy decided that eating was taking to much of his time and he would rather play.  So while nobody was looking he dumped his plate of food in the rubbish bin.  Kumbe his nanny saw him. My smart sister decided that kumchapa won’t do – besides she has done enough of that and it hardly got them anywhere – and there is that worry that mtoto atakuwa sugu, of which in most instances ni kweli.   

My smart sister decided that kumchapa won’t do – besides she has done enough of that and it hardly got them anywhere – and there is that worry that mtoto atakuwa sugu, of which in most instances ni kweli.   

Calmly she told him, “baby, you know that there are hundreds of kids who go without food?  We sometimes see them when we are driving around – and they always come to the car begging for money.” 

Little boy said nothing, he just looked at his mother, his big eyes getting bigger and shy ati, cutely pouting his mouth.  Si unajua watoto – when they know they are guilty, they pull the saddest and cutest face ever!  Sijui wanafanyaje!?  I need someone to teach me how to do that.  Yaani I would have been getting away with murder! 

                “I’m not going to whip you,” dada continued. 

To this little boy heaved a sigh of relief.  It doesn’t matter how sugu you are, fimbo is always fimbo bwana.  And by chance you can be spared the rod, lazima you heave a sigh of relief. 

                “As you punishment, tomorrow I will not give you any food,” my dada said is more calmly, “you will have to experience what it feels to go hungry.” 

The next day, he looked on as his sister’s was having breakfast of Cocoa Krispies™.  At first to him it was all a joke.  He knew mommy would cave in eventually.   

                “Mommy,” his sister called out, “may I have more milk in my Cocoa Krispies™?” 

                “Yes baby, but be careful you don’t spill any on your uniform,” dada replied from the lounge. 

Watoto bwana, of course we all know that – that was done purposely, kumtilisha donge kaka yake who was standing by her side gulping air maskini. 

                “Mommy, I am done with my Cocoa Krispies™.  May I have a banana please?”  This is a kid whose number one enemy is fruits!  Lakini when you want to rub it in, you rub it well in! 

Okay, little boy told himself, so I didn’t get breakfast.  Surely nanny will pack lunch for me.  So again he looked on as lunch was being packed.  So he stood there watching – an apple going in the pink lunch box, then a packet of crisps and a chicken and mayo sandwich at the side of the apple and lastly a box of juice. 

His cute big eyes then go to the cabinet where their lunch boxes are kept, waiting for nanny to reach for the blue lunch box. 

                Wako tayari?” he hears mommy calling out.  “Hurry them, we are getting late.” 

                Dada na mimi je?” he then asked his nanny when he saw her closing the fridge and clearing the kitchen worktop. 

                Hukusikia mama alivyosema jana?’” Nanny replied, clearing feeling sorry for little boy but knowing for sure this experience will teach him a lesson 

                “Come, come, let’s go children!  We are getting late.” A well dressed and fresh smelling mommy walked into the kitchen hurriedly.  She quickly grabbed her children’s bags and her lunch of salads and crackers – yeah, si unajua mambo ya diet tena. 

                “Mommy, may I atleast take water,” little boy asked when he realized that this was a serious game for sure. 

                “Okay I will let you have water this time because this is your first offence,” mommy replied sternly.  Dada naomba mwekee maji huyu.” 

At twelve they are back from school.  Lord and behold, nanny made any kid’s favourite food – chips and parmesan chicken.  Little boy looked on as he watched his sister gulf down the crispier than crisp chips that were drenched in ketchup.  His stomach grumbled wildly. 

After lunch ya hewa, little boy went outside to play – his hunger completely forgotten.  I tell you kazi kweli disciplining a child!  Yaani in two minutes they completely forget what the long lecture was about – and they go back to their merry ways. 

After an hour of playing, they had to nap for two hours – so says mommy’s rules.  Sleep came very easily for little boy – with fatigue and hunger.  When time came they were woken up.   

Again little boy, had to watch his sister have afternoon tea of chocolate chip cookies and chocolate milk – she usually likes strawberry milk, but she was on a roll of kumtilisha dongo kaka yake, so she asked for his favourite flavour – before they headed to doing their homework. 

At that point, little boy couldn’t take it anymore so he started bribing and blackmailing his sister. 

                “Go steal some food of me,” he suggested when nanny was out of earshot. 

                “No,” little sister replied stubbornly. 

                “If you don’t I will tell mommy that you had spilled her perfume in the toilet.” 

Little sister tried, but she was caught by the nanny as she was rummaging through the fridge for any left-overs. 

                “I will buy you lollipop and let you play with my spider man if you get me some food.” 

Again little sister was caught by the nanny as she was getting stools to climb on so that she could reach for the cookies that were on the wall units’ shelves. 

When mommy arrived, little boy ran to her and gave her the biggest hug ever.  He didn’t cry.  He didn’t sulk either.  She was actually taken aback – she didn’t expect that reaction – infact she was expecting to find a pouting, tearing boy. 

                “I’m sorry, mommy,” he said as he hugged her tighter. 

                “Do you know why mommy did that, baby?” 

                “To teach me that there are little boys like me who go the whole day without food so I should never waste food.” 

                “Good,” she replied as she returned the hug.  “Mommy love you.  You know that?” 

                “I know, mommy.  I love you too.” 

That Sunday, he surprised his mommy when he gave her part of his pocket money – they earn their pocket money, by the way.  Every Saturday they do chores of minding the garden.  Anyway, he gave his mommy some of his pocket money to give the little boy they always find sitting outside their church door begging. 

I guess not only did he learn a valuable lesson he was also touched.  The next exercise, dada says is to teach him not to tell his sister to steal and not to lie.  It will be interesting to see how she will manage this – as once again she is not planning to use the rod. 

Child discipline is one of the most important elements of successful parenting, yet more and more, parents just don’t know what to do. Discipline (or training) might simply be defined as a process to help children learn appropriate behaviours and make good choices. In addition, loving, effective discipline aids a child in exercising self-control, accountability, and mutual respect.
Through proper discipline, children learn how to function in a family and society that is full of boundaries, rules, and laws by which we all must abide. With it, children gain a sense of security, protection, and often feel accomplishment. Without proper discipline, children are at risk for a variety of behavioural and emotional problems.



~ by saharasoulfood on February 17, 2007.

4 Responses to “There Is Hope”

  1. Nahisi wewe ni au utakua mama mkali kweli!

  2. This is just awesome! Sisi wengine kipigo kama mwizi was enough. The reality is kids are smart, we just tend to underestimate their brainpower. They can dig these little lessons.

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