Manka the Woman-Child

Hey my good people!

I have finally finished my novella – roughly about 160 pages – MANKA THE WOMAN-CHILD, and I’m absolutely thrilled.

After getting such great reviews from published writers at AuthorsDen I thought I should try my hand at writing a book. I wanted to do something that would be entertaining as well as educative. So I thought a story addressing cross-cultural issues as well as socio-economic issues teenage girls face would be ideal. The character Manka was then born. In her journey to coming of age, Manka will face issues such as pregnancy, circumcision, sugar daddies, prostitution et cetera. The target group of readers I am looking at is teenagers and young adult. I tried to keep the language as simple as possible. MANKA THE WOMAN-CHILD is my first book of a series of novellas.

I would now like to have it published – but I thought I should not rush it before seeking advice from friends. I understand that the publishing industry is a competitive (serious publishing) and that it can be complex at times.

I have contacted some agents and I already have a bunch of them who are looking forward to reading it. However, as I stated above, before I send it to them, I would like to show it to my friends first and will do any necessary revising before I show it to the agents.

Please do let me know if you are interested in reading it – and commenting.  If you are do leave a message in the comment box and I will forward you the manuscript.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Thanking you,



~ by saharasoulfood on March 6, 2007.

92 Responses to “Manka the Woman-Child”

  1. Would love to read it – lemme see!

  2. Congratulations on your new book. I would love to read the manuscript and make constructive criticism, amendments, comments, revision if any. Keep it up though.

  3. Same here. I would love to read it.

  4. i don’t qualify into the your “friends” category but would love to read the manuscript, before it’s published,expensive and on the shelves of “a novel idea” my add’s

  5. I would also love to read it.Send me the manuscripts.

  6. Dear Sahara,

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    Thank you in advance,


  7. Congrats!!! Wish you all the best with publishing and your future as an author!!

  8. We miss U Sahara Soul!U have been so kimya latelY!

  9. please send me a manucript…

  10. love those flicker photos..

  11. Is it too late to please pretty please ask for the manuscript or a place where i can purchase the book. Am in nairobi.

  12. @Shep: I have forwarded it to you.
    @Kiondo: ditto.
    @Simon Kituturu: Still waiting to hear your feedback.
    @Kyekue: I have also forwarded it to you.
    @Jeff Msangi: ditto.
    @Urban butterfly: thank you so much, dear!
    @Belle Africxan Malkia: Tena nakudai!! Lol.
    @Gishungwa: Not yet published. I’m still sitting on it. Lol. I wqas busy with the anthology of short stories actually –
    Thank you so much for your support, everybody!!

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  14. Hi Sandie, i will be much honoured to read your manuscript, please forward it to me. Regards

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  29. Hi Lady, Is the book out yet? I would love to get a copy.
    BTW I am manka,thus am very curious to read this story with my name on it. Besides that I enjoy reading books by African writers;esp. African from the continent.
    All the best in your writing.

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  31. If you are still forwarding the manuscript I would like you to forward it to me.

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  52. Hi can you send me the manuscript – My wife is Manka and i am a Kikuyu so i think it will be fun for me to read,

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