Loving, Living and Lying

I’m back to writing again, after duuh, many a couple of months!  I’m a lunar girl – only get inspired to write in June.  Or I have a very nasty muse!  I mean where did you hear of one getting a six plus months leave jamani?  Lol.

Haya, this is my first jaribio to write a collection of stories about love, life and lying …   Quite excited, I must say, and ideas are flying left right and centre.  I’d better catch them fast before my muse decides to take off.  Lol …

Anyway, since one can easily get carried away when writing about such topics, halafu unajikuta you are writing a novel instead of a short story as initially planned as there is so much to write, erm, vent out – so I gave myself a challenge – all the stories to have exactly a thousand words. I have so far posted five short stories, but there will be more to come …

Hope you enjoy my short stories collecion … … 


A Thousand Words, A Thousand Seconds

Apologies, the stories have been removed.

As promised, more to come… Watch this space … …

Keep well & God bless!! 



~ by saharasoulfood on June 11, 2007.

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  1. Welcome back!

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