Something Different …

My muse has gone leave — again! Tena as usual without giving notice! If you hear of a muse looking for work jamani refer them to me, I’ve just about had it up to here with mine!

Anyway, now you know I try poetry, African fiction, now here is a taste of something a bit different.  I wrote these a while back, you might notice from the writing style.  Anyway PLEASE be warned that they are a bit on the erotica side … …


Computer Love
Birthday Girl
Forbidden Pleasure



~ by saharasoulfood on August 19, 2007.

15 Responses to “Something Different …”

  1. I will never look at my email the same way again, it has to try harder now.

  2. Ivan: schitt has happened – well not in similar circumstances, but ndo kufumaniwa kwenyewe huko na wazazi. Pia when they say a son always marries his mother and a daughter her father – ndo hayo – there are some traits in that peoresn that will attract you!!! Lol.

  3. Na hizo hadithi ni hotttttttttttti…hebu wait nikunywe maji..ngai !..your hot..i mean penwise

  4. :Pilato, pole! Lol. Next time make sure you have a glass of warm milk next to you and a cold shower. Lol. Especially when reading Forbidden Pleasure – so I was told. Lol.

  5. that is some serious writing..shall i indulge again in my writing..perhaps…i may even try erotica….

  6. karma is a keeper – something we call all relate too . nice writing

  7. You are great with words. You also have a great log here now if only i wasn’t reading this in the office. Karma that is too familiar.

  8. were her bums sunburned,just asking

  9. @Ghishungwa: thank you so much1 True, we see ‘Karma’ happening around us everyday!
    @Leos child: I’m guessing you’re talking about Forbidden Pleasure? Lol. Well, I sure will ask her when I see her again. Though even if they were, I doubt if she felt it.

  10. @Muthii Fulani: erotica – it’s a great way of expressing one self, don’t you think?
    @Dobvious: Absolutely! And thank you so much!

  11. Girl…I’ve just rediscovered what being a woman is all about …great writing..loved all of them.

  12. daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn sandra!lol.i see i have a lot of catching up to do.hmmmm….lovely writing indeed…

  13. I will kick Ur muse’s matako now for keeping u Chobisi this long!
    Rudi bwana! I start running out of uvumilivu wa kukusubiri:-)

  14. Samahani, natoka nje ya somo!

    Njoo tumalizie kujadili kipengele, ili tuende kwenye hatua nyingine ya kuboresha wanajumuiya wa jumuiya ya Watanzania wanao tembelea au wanao blogi.

    Tembelea hapa :
    ilia tumalize kujazia dondoo ili tu anze na kipengele kingine.
    Idumu JUMUWATA!

  15. Is this gonna Kill You? No i Dont Think so !

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