The Rhythm Of My Rhyme

I am so excited!!  Wuu huuu!!!!  

Finally my book is out – THE RHYTHM OF MY RHYME – a collection of poems.  Wuu huu!  With sub-titles such as:

·     A flower is a flower

·     The great orgasm

·     Sun-kissed, bee stung flower

·     It’s just delish

·     I am my dreams

The Rhythm of My Rhyme is just what it say – a collection of poems on the reflections of a contemporary young Tanzanian woman.  It encaptures what the poet sees around her.  She speaks in the voice of whom she writes about – in the form of a journey of self discovery – from women in love; women out of love; abused children; abused women; content women, who have found themselves (emotionally, mentally and sexually) and who at the end just want to be.

‘The Rhythmn of My Rhyme’ is now available at the following book shops in Dar es Salaam:


  • SOMA Book Cafe
  • Novel Idea
  • Scholastic Book Shop, Mlimani City
  • Malaika Shop, Junction Bibi Titi and Morogoro

Priced 15,000 TZS

Hurry while stocks last………………………………..

I am as nervous as excited – especially about some of the contents – uwiii!  Look out for MY FIRST TIME, once you have your copy.


Do watch this space forparticulars about the launch venue and date …



~ by saharasoulfood on October 28, 2008.

5 Responses to “The Rhythm Of My Rhyme”

  1. Sandra, I have this strong thing in me that makes me feel like I can write. But then I just do not know how. Please is it possible for you to lead me through this. My email address

  2. @Tumaini, mmh … writing like art, just comes to you – the words just come to you. You don’t look for them, they look for you. You feel the words whispering in your ears. It doesn’t matter how pathetic or crazy they sound, whatever you feel, just put it on paper.

  3. Greetings Sandra,
    Your stories are beautiful and rich as they capture your unique angle to life as well as your upbringing. Please keep it up. I am a writer and a poet, although not as endowed as you, and I would like to interest you with some of my writings.

  4. I bought this book yesterday and I had to look you up. I am in love with your poetry and i must say you are very talented.Keep up the good word, the poetry was amazing

    • Hi Sandra, my name is Senyi from Tz, I am currently doing my masters degree in Kenya, I read your book THE RYTHM OF MY RHYME and i was very interested. I am now embarking on my thesis!!! I realised that many PhD and masters students in Kenya and East africa in general excluding Tz do not read the works of Tanzanian writers, I read so many thesis here in Kenyatta univ library and I realised that. I looked for a copy of this text in the bookshop you mentioned in Dar es Salaam and I didn’t get. At the moment am in Kenya and I want to buy the copu og ur text. Please contact me immediately, my email is,

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