Would You Take Me Back?

If I cheated on you with your best friend

Got you crying day and night,

Made you trust me less

If I made love to you under the bright moon

Held you, licked you and touched you right

Made you feel sexy

If I beat you up with a bat or my fist

Got you bruised and bandaged,

Made you afraid of me

If I run you a hot fragranced bath,

Kissed your black and blue bruises

Made you feel beautiful

If I called you ugly humiliating names

Got your self-worth broken and demeaned

Made you feel unworthy

If I put notes in your lunch box

Loving romantic notes on scented paper

Made you feel appreciated

If I didn’t want you as much and pushed you away

Got you feeling desperate and hopeless

Made you feel unloved

If I bought you red and white roses

Knelt down on my knee and apologized

Made you feel special

If I lied to you about my whereabouts and the calls

Got your self-esteem lowered

Made you feel disrespected

If I took you to exotic Zanzibar

Hand-in-hand on the warm African sand

Made you feel romanced

Would you take me back?

@ 2008 Sandra A. Mushi

From The Rhythm Of My Rhyme


~ by saharasoulfood on June 5, 2011.

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