Writing and Living

I borrowed this from the Storymoja blog, whom borrowed this post from the Sheblossoms blog.

“Creative gifts are not the kind you can turn off when it’s inconvenient. They are not a part of you. They are you. Once you are born a painter or a writer or a musician, it reflects in everything you do.

You feel more; words have special kin with you when you are a writer, so their weight bears harder on you. Emotions come to you as music because musical notes and lyrical poetry are part of your thought processes when you are a musician. Colours and shapes have special meaning to you so every detail of landscape, environment, facial expressions and gestures are captured and eternalised in memory. It’s a blessing, but it can be a curse.

Once you accept the gift as yours, you can’t shirk it off when it becomes too heavy to bear. This is the reason my partner and I take writing as seriously as a matter of life and death. Art, writing is sacred to us. So sacred that our friends and associates are judged on the basis of how they carry their gifts in art.

When something is not part of you, you have no special obligation to guard it and honour it. You will use it as you wish because if it suits you, tomorrow you can flush it down the toilet.”

I loved this post so much that I just had to share it. And to add – art is a lifestyle – a representation of what you believe in as an artist – which reflects from the inside out. As such you will notice that alot of artists, be it a writer, designer, musician, fine artists or otherwise, tend to stand out as they believe in individualism.

My blackness and blondeness for instance, many might not undertand it or even think I am rebelling, but alas – it is just me expressing myself. Period.


~ by saharasoulfood on November 5, 2011.

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