“You don’t need this!  You’ll be a whore!”

With a blunt knife they took my womanhood

Leaving me feeling less of a woman for good


“You are nothing!  You’re worth no man!”

Like a dry twig he broke my soul

Leaving nothing he took it all


You are breaking my insides

Covered with bruises

Trampling the core of my being

Taking away my dignity,

My pride and my respect

Maybe I am to blame
For putting myself to this shame

For I have no voice

And I have no choice


What will it be today?

Will I be a slut or a bitch?
A useless lout or an evil witch?
Will I be just a cheap whore
That nobody loves anymore?

Or will you accuse me of lies and deceit?
That I sleep with every man on our street?

Will you threaten me with violence and death?
Wanting to squash my very last breath?
In your eyes I don’t seem to exist
For you have killed me with your words and not fists.

I just want and pray for my peace

In a place where hurting will cease

Give me shelter from a storm

As my soul is completely torn


But I put on my best dress

My face with powder I press
Hiding the truth

Hiding the uncouth

Stripped is all that is mine
But I smile and say I am fine



~ by saharasoulfood on March 8, 2012.

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