A bit about myself first – I am an artist, I am a poet, I am a writer, I am a lover – practicing Interior Architecture Designing.  And on a small scale – furniture designing, though I would love to go bigger.  I used to write a lot back then, but with work and all, my time became tight.

I went on a holiday in April 2004 and took with me a few books by Maya Angelou and Iyanla Vanzant, where I did some soul searching. Which got me into writing – poems and later short stories – I haven’t looked back since then. I have a collection of poems, RHYTHM OF MY RHYME under my belt and a collection of short stories and poems, STAINS ON MY KHANGA about to be released. 

I have also completed a novella of which I am just as proud of – MANKA THE WOMAN-CHILD– I have my fingers crossed that I will get a publisher soon.  I am now busy with another novella – THE BOY – there is such a rush one gets when creating. 

More of my writes can be found at Sandra On AuthorsDen. You can always join as a reader and post your reviews or/and contact me.

I am an artist, I am a poet, I am a writer, I am a lover .


13 Responses to “About”

  1. Interesting …what can we do to get a jazzy evening with poetry read to some of us……….poetry and jazz lovers…in bongo?
    …….food for thought…:-)

  2. poetry is so nice.
    i love to see you post poems.

  3. @Jonell: Since I have now decided that this blog will just be for soul stuff, you will then be seeing a lot of poems. Just keep on watching this space … 😉

    @Peter: Yaani I have had that dream for years, Peter – to have such an establishment! I have my fingers crossed that it all works out and I realize my dream one day.

  4. Hey Waz away , its a plot I know quite a few jaz lovers .
    Keep the thought.

  5. Hey live in Tz as well. Your blog is brilliant, particularly enjoy the quirky pieces. I am a writer as well. Check out my blog, its slightly of a more political nature, but it really can be anything. None of my fiction is up, but I would love to link up and maybe collaborate on some stuff.


  6. hi sandra,

    i’d like to e-mail you concerning a writing opportunity at a magazine that i am starting. please e-mail me at kerosenemagazine@gmail.com

    i can’t see your e-mail address posted here 🙂

  7. Hello 🙂

    I was by your blog this evening and wanted to extend an invitation to list your Blog at HerBlog Directory.
    Our goal is to be the largest directory of women owned blogs by June.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch.

    Best wishes,


  8. Hi,

    Didnt know you had this. Interesting. Will buy your book too, will you autograph it?

  9. Hello

    Congratulations. Your blog has been nominated for our Tanzanian Blog Awards 2011 Contest. The Tanzanian Blog Award is the first online Tanzanian blog contest devoted to promoting and supporting Tanzanian bloggers around the world.

    We are busy getting all the nominations for 2011contest up on the site ready for voting process which begins June 25th, 2011 to July 9th, 2011.

    Every blog that is nominated went through a manual review and those qualified and fit the most on each category were selected onto the finalist. If you wish to remove your blog from participating simple email us before June 19th 2011. Otherwise stop by our site http://www.Tanzanianblogawards.com and grab the finalist button that will available on our site from June 20th and encourage your readers to vote for you.

    I have pots this information here because if your email is on your blog, I couldn’t locate it.

    Once again congratulations on your nomination and we wish you the best of luck.

    Tanzanian Blog Awards Team

  10. Hi Sandra,

    The pleasure is mine to make your acquaintance and indeed we should stay in touch. Two Chagga blood sisters can rule the literature world and represent TZ accordingly…..

    Auntie Glo

  11. Dear Sandra…am writing this past midnight as you had me hooked up on your site from the evening up to now….I have read lots of your stories from other sources such as African Writers and am about to go for my copy of Stains on my Khanga…your work is just beautiful. …you simply inspire me to write more since I have been scribbling every now and then and have a few pieces and I love it…your stories are just soo real ..the ones about chaggas though. .hilarious but I can relate to almost all them being a pure chagga myself. …I always see you at church and one of these days I will definitely have to talk to you. ….I will be so overjoyed if I get a chance to learn a few things about writing from you….please keep the good work coming. …

    • Anabahati, aksante sana!
      I enjoy writing a lot. Infact I express myself better with writing rather than talking. Through writing I ask myself questions, I vent out, nashushua (heee heee) and mostly I make sense of the senseless.
      So you write too? Good for you! Isn’t writing just not the best therapy ever? I have what I call a son/dad script on FB which I am actually thinking of copying here too. So welcome back – there will be more soon.
      Once you have bought and read STAINS, please do let me know what you think.
      Looking forward to formally meet you at church, Anabahati.
      Thanks once again and take care.

      • Dear Sandra…I have been reading the son/dad script on fb…what a stubborn son. ..!!I put lots in writing than I can vent out too…by the way i saw you at church yesterday but u know the usual church greetings I lost sight of you even before I could talk to you…iam definitely coming back to you after I feed my soul with STAINS…

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